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Talent and brand sculptors.


Freedom / Consciousness / Connection / Enjoyment / Unity

2020 / LAUNCH

In early 2020, BA Studio was born, a fusion of executive coaching and leadership consulting with branding and marketing expertise in the emerging economic landscape to better position entrepreneurs, coaches, and small and medium-sized businesses.


Bellia Coaching Group and Clase A Creativos united to introduce themselves into the market place as BA Studio, talent and brand sculptors.
We offer services that you experience as natural, done by hand, thoughtful and with body and soul.
We create our services with your thinking, your brand, your business and enterprise at the heart of our delivery.
BA Studio is headquartered in Long Beach, California and has offices in Buenos Aires.


  • Adrián Doblas

    Enjoy what I do
    Brand architect, passionate about the visual arts, with more than 20 years of experience in the design and communication market. In his long professional path, one can find constant advances and early adoption to new norms and trends in the marketplace. His passion for design proposes a clear message in each job, starting from the basis that the brand is the source of value in any company or business. Adrián taught for 7 years in careers such as Graphic Design, Design Technology and Industrial Organization.

    "The development of a brand is to give meaning and visual form to what wants to express itself; its’ intent is to give life to a feeling that is born from a name or simply from an intention to BE." This is the essence that Adrián puts into each project that he creates. Adrián has three clear values in his professional career, first to be passionate about what he does, second to build a good team, from the professional and especially from the human point of view and finally, to never stop enjoying what he does.

    Roxana Bellia, PhD, PCC

    Unlocking the Collective Potential
    Roxana steps in as BA Studio’s Soul Liberator Rebel. Roxana grew up jumping tracks between Buenos Aires, her hometown and New York, the city that best captured her essence in her formative years. Her passion for unlocking individual and team potential and development, is informed by her over 20 years of cumulative experience as an entrepreneur, leadership consultant and specialization in assessment, development and executive coaching. Roxana works with executives in leading companies in North America, Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia.



BA Studio offers an integrated talent and branding approach designed to help you uncover your leadership edge(s) and promote practices to help you navigate business challenges.



    We uncover a sublime equilibrium between your being and brand.
    BA Studio helps you maximize the opportunities of your entrepreneurial offering and your brand by reducing organizational complexity and finding the best profile and path to successfully navigate the emerging market with success.


    BA Studio accompanies you with the creation of brand and marketing products to position your service(s) and/or product(s) for your greatest success, reach and impact.


What is included?

  • PHASE 1

    Understand your context as entrepreneurs, coaches, small and medium-sized businesses and products/services.

    Evaluate your brand.

  • PHASE 2

    Evaluate your value proposition and brand through research driven practices.

    Explore your beliefs, values, attitudes, habits and vision to support you with executive coaching.

    Develop your brand.

  • PHASE 3

    Provide specific support for you to reach business success.

    Launch your digital platforms.

    Deliver style and application manuals.

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